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For all people interested in the benefits of surrogacy & donation.

App Launches March 2023

It Starts with You

Allkind uplifts, empowers, and benefits all kinds of people.

Allkind is changing how people create families through surrogacy and donation. We have the world’s largest network of humans selflessly giving the gift of life and love to a cause that fulfills someone else’s dream. For so many, that dream may have otherwise seemed impossible but with Allkind, that dream is now a reality.

Egg Donors

Help aspiring parents create a family while being compensated for your time, travel, and donation. Most women between the ages of 19-32 that are in good health will qualify.


Women who've previously given birth, are in good health, in a stable living situation, and are between the ages of 20 and 38 can be compensated for their time, travel, and care as a surrogate.

Sperm Donors

Men interested in helping aspiring parents create a family can be compensated for their donation. Most men between the ages of 19-39 that are in good health will qualify.

We Are Your Partner

Agencies, fertility clinics, and aspiring parents trust Allkind to find the perfect donor or surrogate match.

Clinics and agencies partner with Allkind to provide aspiring parents with access to the world’s largest network of qualified and available donor and surrogate candidates.

Aspiring parents access the Allkind app to search, save, and match with candidates to start their family building journey.

Making An Impact

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