Meet the Team

The Allkind leadership team is committed to providing an unmatched experience that empowers each individual to accomplish their personal goals. We believe that creating a family is a human-right and we’re committed as a team to serve our community with the highest standard of care.

To learn more about our mission, vision, and values, please explore our about section.

Meet the Team

Raika Djalali

Founder | CEO

Raika is a dedicated trailblazer in reproductive healthcare with extensive experience in the field. As CEO of Allkind, she fearlessly demonstrates her commitment to modernizing the antiquated fertility industry and improving comprehensive digital health solutions. Looking forward, Raika remains inspired by the future of fertility and establishing change that benefits reproductive health and wellness that should be available to all.

Tiffany Lewis

Founder | CMO

Tiffany is pioneering change within reproductive healthcare and is passionate about improving an industry creating future generations of life. Her established success expanding enterprise partnerships has created significant growth for companies within the healthcare industry and led to her focus on innovative women+ digital health solutions. Tiffany envisions a world where donors and surrogates have a voice and aspiring parents have choice.

Debi Kleiman

Co-Founder | COO

An innovative and inclusive business leader passionate about solving hard problems, Debi has 15+ years of experience working in and with startups. She is an operator, marketer, investor, and mentor. Debi has a BS from Cornell University and an MBA from Harvard Business School and has held leadership roles at Procter & Gamble, Welch’s, and the Coca-Cola Company. Her book, First Pitch Winning Money, Mentors and More for Your Startup, is an entrepreneurship and venture capital bestseller.

Jay Correia

Co-Founder | CTO

Jay Correia was the founder and former CEO of the web and app dev agency, DreamCo Design. After starting the company in 2006, the business went on to earn national recognition with clients like MiT, the National Park Service, and numerous fantasy sports brands. Jay brings 15+ years of experience as a successful business owner and technology consultant. His full-stack tech background supports Allkind in designing, developing, and scaling the commercial grade web and app platform.