Tips From a Matchmaker

If you would have asked me 10 years ago, I wouldn’t have even known fertility matchmaking was even a thing. But now that I’ve done hundreds of successful matches, I’ve seen some universal patterns to help you match quickly. Here are my tips as a professional egg donor matchmaker for donors and surrogates to stand out on Allkind.


Authenticity is everything. Be you and be proud. There are aspiring parents who have been searching for an egg donor just like you. Are you a team player, a leader who is goal focused, the practical one, the adaptable one…Whatever your unique strengths are, there is a match out there that will admire your authentic self. At Allkind, we believe the best way to connect is by being proud of who you are. We want you to let yourself shine. Answer the personality questions in a genuine way and it will resonate.


They say a picture is worth a thousand words. For people on Allkind, it’s good to keep in mind that pictures offer subtle messages. A good picture will attract aspiring parents to spend more time on your profile, enabling them to overlook any little imperfections in the rest of your application that might exist. A good picture will entice their interest to read more and to understand more about you. Share current photos that capture you performing your favorite activity, accomplishing milestones such as a graduation, or some with family. Keep in mind these are meant for aspiring parents on their family building journey so keep them clean, clear, happy, and fun.


Having patience can be difficult, admittedly I am not the best at it myself. You’ve heard about this amazing opportunity and are eager to get started. You are in the right place. We do everything we can to set you up for success to ensure you have the best opportunities to match. Trust the process, being selected as an egg donor can take time. A long wait does not signal anything is wrong. You might be wondering, how long will I have to wait…It really depends. It’s possible that aspiring parents see your Allkind profile the day you are live on the platform and are thrilled to match. Amazing! You receive a match notification right away. Alternatively, the process could take a few months. Remember there is nothing wrong with having a long wait period. Stay positive and know that when you are matched, you are exactly who they have been waiting for.


How you answer some of the open-ended profile questions for your donor profile can be really compelling. Ask a friend or family member! You likely already have that go-to group chat, or have a friend you send pictures to before posting. Check in there for great feedback. Ask those you trust to give good advice. Who knows, they might even sign up to do the process with you. How great would that be to go through the egg donation journey with your friends?!


We want you to feel empowered, knowledgeable, and prepared when starting this journey. Your donation will bring life into the world for a family. Take the time you need to make sure you’re ready. We want you to know that we’re here for you. We make sure to provide all the educational resources and support you’ll need to prepare for the egg donation process. If you are interested in learning more before committing, check out the egg donation process to learn more.

— Raika Djalali (CEO | Allkind)