Surrogate Journey

Welcoming women of all ethnicities to help people accomplish their dreams of having a family.

If you’ve had a healthy pregnancy, and live a healthy lifestyle, you may qualify to be a surrogate. Our surrogates help bring love and life into the world while being compensated for their time, travel, and care during the pregnancy.

Want to hear from someone who’s experienced the surrogate journey with Allkind? Watch the video below to learn more.

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Here’s what to expect when working with Allkind:


Step 1: Pre-Screening

Download the Allkind app (launches MAR 2023), create an account, and select surrogate. You’ll answer a few basic questions to see if this journey is right for you.


Step 2: Full Application

Continue creating your account. Upload photos and answer additional questions so aspiring parents can learn more about you. We keep your identity secure.


Step 3: Get Discovered

Individuals and couples in need of a surrogate will be viewing profiles on the app as they look for their perfect match. Your Allkind team is here to support you.


Step 4: Confirm A Match

Once a connection has been made, Allkind will get in touch to help you prepare for next steps which include travel, medical testing, pregnancy and compensation.


Step 5: Start The Journey

We guide you to the agency or medical facility managing the rest of your journey. Everyone’s path is unique. We’re here to support you with a commitment to best-in-industry ethics and transparency.